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domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015


The Beatles’ final Cavern Club show

After nearly 300 performances at Liverpool's Cavern Club, at 3rd. August 1963 was The Beatles' final show at the venue. The Beatles were paid £300, which was quite a bit of money then, and the audience was restricted to 500. The admission price was 10 shillings. All the staff had to be paid, and the other groups on the bill too, there was no profit that night.
Tickets for the final show had gone on sale at 21 July at 1.30pm, and sold out within 30 minutes.

The show lasted from 6-11.30pm. Also on the bill were The Escorts, The Merseybeats, The Road Runners, Johnny Ringo and the Colts, and Faron's Flamingos.

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