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jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015



Black humor: Humor dealing with the unpleasant or dark side of life (death, people's problems)

Practical humor: A joked played on someone to embarrass them and amuse others.

Dry humor: Amusing without appearing to be so, quietly ironic.

Satire humor: Showing the foolishness or evil of a person, organisation or practice, in an amusing way.

Racist humor: Showing dislike or intolerance of people of different races.

Sexist humor: Unfairly dismissive of the opposite sex; showing them as stupid or inferior.

Sick humor: Unnaturally, unhealthily cruel or morbid, this kind of humor is unsophisticated, often quite juvenile and offensive.

Slapstick humor: Humorous acting that depends on fast, sometimes violent actions.

Dirty humor: Concerned with sex, sometimes in an unpleasant way.

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