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domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2015



In Spain there are other typical celebration for the night of 
31. Magosto in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and the
Castanyada in Catalonia are the key to start the month of 
Magosto is celebrated mainly in the northwest of Spain, 
although it is also celebrated in other places, such as 
Caceres, Zamora, even in Portugal.
This festival has its origins in Celtic rituals, the way 
to winter and collecting chestnuts. In the celebration never 
lack fire troasted chestnuts from a fire.
In other regions also celebrate this holiday, always with 
chestnuts involved, but with different names. In Catalonia 
for example is celebrated known as Castanyada where besides 
eating roasted chestnuts, other typical dishes such as panellets 
and sweet potatoes are eaten accompanied by Muscat.

In the Basque Country  the name is Gaztainerra, in Cantabria 
called Magosta, in Asturias is known as Amagüestu, here the 
chestnuts are accompanied by  sweet cider. But all have one 
thing in common: chestnuts.

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