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domingo, 22 de enero de 2017


Read the sentences below.

Germination and Reproduction to find the missing words.

Write in the empty spaces.
1. All seeds need _________, oxygen and the right temperature to _________, or grow. 2. Some plants, like ferns, don’t produce _________. They make spores. 3. Some seeds need _________ to germinate. Others need darkness. 4. _________ often eat seeds. The seeds come out in the animal’s _________. They drop to the ground and make new _______. 5. Seeds don’t grow well if they land right underneath the _________ plant. 6. Many seeds are _________ and delicious. 7. Seeds can be as tiny as a grain of side or bigger than a _________. 8. When the soil is _________, seeds can’t get oxygen. They _________ and don’t grow.

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